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About Insurance Updates

On March 20th, 2018, the first day of Spring, Hilton Head Island was struck with a hail storm with some stones reaching 2 inches in diameter. The damage was considerable to homes and cars, with the most severe damage centered on the South End, specifically in Sea Pines, and the Point Comfort Road area. Following Hurricane Matthew, we invested in Xactimate Certification which allows us to speak the same language as the Insurance Industries. This allows us to work directly with your adjuster as your advocate to make the Insurance Claim process run smoothly for all parties. We are also members of the United Association of Storm Restoration Contractors, furthering our ability to help repair your investment.

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Home Owners Insurance Policy

Insurance and Roofing go hand in hand in the home owner’s game and the home insurance industry. If your roof is damaged due to natural causes, named storms or non-named storms, part or all of your repair cost may be covered by your Home Owners Insurance Policy after you pay your deductible. You may also be entitled to a discounted rate on your Home Owners Insurance Policy if you install a roof using Hurricane Grade Shingles.

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We offer a FREE roof inspection on Hilton Head Island if you believe you may have sustained damage to your roof as a result of a storm, make a call to Alliance the first call you make.

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